Sommer Residence – Spa & Wellness

In the distance from daily life, continuous noise, responsibilities and eternal hurry, in a place full of comfort and relaxation, where there is a blissful silence, and time passes slowly… Stimulates the senses, relaxes the body and mind, we move into a state of peace and relaxation.

SPA Hotel Sommer Residence offers a unique and unrepeatable world of sauna, relaxation area, pool, Jacuzzi, all surrounded by unique gardens, which surround a peaceful country atmosphere.


Sauna World

The sauna is not only the best way to fully relax and unwind. It is a unique ceremony, whose experience with all their senses.

7 unique saunas, 12 unique ceremony that will relax your body and mind. Delectable scent of essential oils, red-hot stones, feel the blissful warmth slowly covers your body.


Available sauna

Finnish sauna, Turkish bath, sauna, fireplace, sauna stone, rose Sauna, Sauna Oriental, Banja


Opening hours

Monday 6 PM – 12 AM
Tuesday 6 PM – 12 AM
Wednesday 6 PM – 12 AM
Thursday 6 PM – 12 AM
Friday  2 PM – 12 AM
Saturday  9 AM – 12 AM
Sunday 9 AM – 12 AM


Ceremonies of the sauna

1) Natural awakening 2) Travel sensual scents 3) Honey Bliss 4) Rose beauty
5) Sounds of Tibet 6) Welcome to Russia 7) Country of blossoming cherry 8) The transformation of the dragon
9) Breath full breast 10) Rasoul ritual 11) Romantic walk 12) Time for a good night


Pricing saunas

2 h. 4 h. Whole day
Monday – Thursday 25 PLN 45 PLN 65 PLN
Friday – Sunday 25 45 PLN 65 PLN

The price includes free access to the sauna world, pool, jacuzzi.


  • Classic massage
  • Relaxation massage
  • Massage the face, neck and décolleté
  • Anti-cellulite massage Chinese cupping


Treatments for body and face

Hand and foot Care


  • Pedicure
  • Manicure men
  • Regenerating treatment for hand
  • Regenerating treatment for feet

Styling eye fixtures

  • Eyebrow with regulation
  • Henna eyelashes
  • Eyebrow and eyelash with regulation


ceremonies of the sauna

During a sauna ceremony, aromatic steam is created in the sauna by pouring water with natural essential oils on hot stones and spreading it with a towel and other objects. After pouring the mixture on hot stones, the master of the ceremony, called the sauna master, starts whirling a towel or waving a fan to spread steam from the sauna oven evenly around the room. Then, he waves the air upon the participants to create pleasant heat waves and repeats this a few times until the desired temperature is reached. Subsequent pourings may feature various fragrances and instead of using water, the master can place ice balls moistened with essential oils on the stove, which slowly turn into steam and make the ceremony more attractive. Sometimes menthol crystals are poured over the stones to create a cold sensation despite the hot temperature. Various forms of salt scrubs are used to help eliminate dead skin cells and in this type of treatment we are asked by the master to rub our skin with salt outside the sauna and come back for another pouring, during which the remaining salt is rubbed against the body. There are also various body masks available during the treatment as the sauna heat multiplies their effect by opening our skin pores.